United Way provides a platform for students to create and deliver social value to communities through initiatives that focus on education, income, health and the environment. Student United Way encourages students to participate in social initiatives at college levels. This helps to sensitize them to issues that challenge society, build good networks with the local chapters of United Way, NGOs and corporates through events, campaigns and social media engagement. Student United Way works on a localized approach allowing students to understand and address issues at the community level. It functions as an extension of United Way in creating and delivering social value to the community in a sustainable manner.

Benefits of being part of Student United Way

Students Testimonials


“I worked as an intern in UWBe for a period of 1 month. I chose to work in the Born Learning Program, with Mrs. Smitha as my mentor, as it is closer to my field of Public Health. One of the best things about working in UWBe was that I was given complete freedom right form choosing my area of work to designing projects, sessions and assisting in volunteer activities. I was introduced to several significant stakeholders like other NGOs and corporate partners. I feel overwhelmed and honoured to have worked with such smart, passionate and empathetic people.”

Dr. Nivedhitha Parthasarathy
Student of Manipal Academy of Higher Education

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“My experience at United Way has been one of a kind. By working on several different assignments, it has helped me gain self-confidence and knowledge like no other. The staff at the Indiranagara branch were gleeful and interactive being ever ready to guide me and answer my doubts. From the global level, United Way has always worked to improve lives and the state of our degrading environment . Most importantly, I learnt that whatever your profession may be, you can always contribute in infinite ways to help improve the lives of many and make this works a better place.”

Amulya, Student
National Public School Bangalore


I am so thankful for the mentoring and scholarship support I got from Applied Materials and United Way Bengaluru. They helped me become more confident about facing examinations. My teachers were so good that I did not have to study for too many hours at home. Chandana Devaraju has just cleared her II Pre-university exams with distinction and a total of 89.5%.  Her father drives an autorickshaw and mother is a teacher in a private school. Chandana has a younger sister. The family lives in Kolar Gold Fields, Bangarpet, in Karnataka. Their total family income is less than Rs 10000/- p.m. Scoring 537/600marks, Chandana scored 100 in her Accountancy Paper. She wants to be a banker and is hoping to clear the banking examinations in future. Chandana has been supported by Applied Materials with a scholarship and her mentorship has been facilitated by United Way Bengaluru. She is a proud member of Student United Way!

A star in the making!


I am Arushi, I am currently pursuing MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. During my internship in United Way Bengaluru I have learned how a corporate interacts with the community. How even a dime spent for the development of underprivileged families is worth so much more. On my first day I met with the team, the powerhouse of United Way. The hard work put in by this small family in order to provide value to other families is seamless. United wat gave me various opportunities and freedom to voice my ideas.  I worked on two major areas, Wake the Lake and Born learning. This NGO experience has created such an impact on me as even after not being officially associated with the organisation, I want to contribute in whichever way I can.

Arushi Sharma
Student NMIMS, Mumbai


I’m Mithun a MBA student of NMIMS, Mumbai. My internship experience at United Way of Bengaluru has been an inspiring one. I got to experience the serenity of the lake under the Wake the Lake campaign which was later coupled with the cute smiles, the dance, and shararat of the kids under Born Learning Campaign. All this time, learning about the issues faced by the underprivileged society drove me to make a documentary on one such family. Thank you, United Way Bengaluru, for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Student NMIMS, Mumbai


Hi I am Aakash Bhardwaj from NMIMS Bangalore and completed my internship with United Way Bengaluru. This internship of 21 days has taught me a lot in a very less time. My objective to do an internship in social sector was to learn about the ailing problems of the society and the role of community in solving those problems. But, I learned much more than that. I started my journey by learning about the societal and environmental problems existing in the city and the need to solve those problems. I was engaged in two flagship programs of UWBe called Wake the Lakes and Born Learning Program. During the course of time, I visited Uttarahalli Lake and an Anganwadi Centre and understood about the functioning of both the projects by talking to the various stakeholders. For deep understanding about the underlying factors and the strategies involved in implementation of the programs, I studied the MoU’s that were signed between the corporate, UWBe and the partner NGO’s. I further did the Budget Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis of a project to understand how the NGO manages its funds and how its different from a corporate to draw some inferences to present to the leaders of the organisation. Further, I was involved in the six-sigma of the whole process of the Born Learning program. One of the important part of the whole process in any organisation is the analysis of the work done and communication of the efforts to the society to create a bigger impact. So, as a part of the whole process, I prepared a report of our visit to the Uttarahalli Lake and communicated with the stakeholders through our written report. After this experience of working with United Way Bengaluru I want to encourage all the business leaders and students out there to engage with an NGO as I believe it is much more challenging and helpful for the growth of an individual.

Aakash Bhardwaj
Student NMIMS Bangalore


My internship at United Way Bangalore has taught me more than I could have imagined. As a social work Intern, I feel my duties were diverse, and ever-changing. Sometimes it’s tough to recall everything I have taken in over the past month, but I feel that these are some of the most beneficial lessons I have learned. “Coming into this position, I felt that I had no idea where my career was going and I lacked confidence about what I could do and what I am really good at. My internship has definitely given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me, but most importantly, I’ve come to learn that I am not alone. This job has taught me that almost everybody is in my same position. Very few college students know what they want to do, and it is something that is simply not worth worrying about. But now I know that if I continue to work hard, things will fall into place.” “This being my first position in an office atmosphere, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The environment here at UWB is quite relaxed, yet it taught me how to behave in the workplace. Simply working in the office and getting used to everything here has definitely prepared me for whatever my next position may be. Just observing the everyday events has taught me more about teamwork, and how people can come together to get things done. Although sometimes I have to remind myself to use my inner voice, I feel I’ve adapted to the office life relatively well. Thank you so much United Way of Bangalore for everything.” As I leave, I want to thank anyone who has been reading my blogs, and I’d also like to thank everyone here at United Way Bangalore who has helped me out. This has truly been a great learning experience.

Sachu K Sam
MSW Student Christ University


Hi! I’m Aishwarya Wagh, pursuing PGDM at NMIMS, Bangalore and interned with United Way Bengaluru for three weeks as part of our curriculum. I was randomly allocated UWBe as my NGO as an intern. Little did I know that I would love my work so much here! On the whole I had a very good internship experience at United Way Bengaluru. The working environment was very friendly and welcoming. I got the opportunity to be a part of the two main programs of UWBe: Wake the lake and Born Learning Campaign. I could visit Uttarahalli Lake, where I experienced the impact created by United Way, Bengaluru in engaging and empowering the local communities. I could see the lake from a different perspective, which was an enriching experience for me. Also, visit to one of the Anganwadis, where UWBe is contributing, helped me to know the value addition done by UWBe in real. Also, got the opportunity to work on cost benefit analysis and six sigma model of BLC. Working on these models helped me to learn the real difficulties involved in working for a non-profit organisation. It was a very challenging work. All my mentors were extremely helpful to provide with all the information and extend help whenever required. But nothing can beat Victor Sir’s coffee which kept us refreshingly active on all the days. I find myself fortunate to have gained so much of learning in such less time. All the work that I have done in United Way Bengaluru has been satisfying as well as a great overall learning experience for me.

Aishwarya Wagh


It has been a wonderful learning experience that I have received through my internship with United Way of Bangalore, getting to know about the organization, about all the kind of work that they do which makes a massive difference in the lives of a lot of people in and around Bangalore and to see how people from various backgrounds can join hands in working together to make a difference in the world. It has by far has been the very best internship experience for me. The constant guidance, new learning every day, amount of freedom to work as I would like to with honest criticism has been a stand out point for me to have loved my time with United Way of Bangalore. Before I end my words, I would love to thank UWB for such an opportunity, and encourage anyone who is reading this with a thought about interning or working here to go for it! Over and out

Allan Jacob
Social Work Trainee from Christ University