United Way Bengaluru is a registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. We are affiliated to United Way Worldwide which is a global movement of 1800 chapters spread across 40 countries.

United Way Bengaluru does not receive government funding. Funding largely comes from corporate gifts and individual donations.

We facilitate the process of building strong and resilient communities. We seek to bring lasting change, while subscribing to the highest standards of transparency, ethical behavior and accountability. The United Way approach to community problems is distinct and holistic. We bring subject matter specialists, the government, corporates, community members, leaders, volunteers and students, on a common platform to discuss community challenges. This helps us formulate innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit local groups as a whole.

United Way Bengaluru seeks NGO support as implementation partners who play a critical role in all endeavors. THEY ARE throughout the State of Karnataka and help us access needs in health, education, livelihood and environmental areas at the grassroots level, implement programs and create an impact on the ground.

United Way Bengaluru works with an array of NGOs, which have both national and grassroots presence. We work in the following four areas: health, education, livelihood and environment.

United Way Bengaluru chooses the projects based on the requirements in the local communities in the four areas of health, education, livelihood and environment.

Yes, United Way Bengaluru has been working with corporates for the last seven years. We are fully compliant with the new CSR Bill 2011.

Our team comprises of professionals armed with formal degrees from reputed universities and they have over 12 years of experience in managing community initiatives. The team works very closely on projects to ensure that whatever contributions are made by the corporates, bring about tangible and measurable results.

There are several ways corporates can get involved with United Way Bengaluru. Such as volunteering programs, supporting campaigns or taking United Way’s help in driving the CSR strategy of the company. To get in touch with us, kindly click here

There are several tangible and indirect benefits such as:

Ensuring all the CSR projects of the corporations, meeting the due diligence, requirement as per the CSR bill, FCRR, IT department as per the requirements
United Way also advices corporates in the areas in which they should invest based on the needs of the community.
United Way Bengaluru has a robust database of credible implementing partners (NGO) from which corporates can choose to work with.
United Way Bengaluru plays a critical role in helping the corporates to design, implement, monitor and report the CSR projects
United Way Bengaluru safeguards the corporate brand during the CSR project implementation process and provides credible visibility
United Way Bengaluru facilities closer employee engagements and volunteering opportunities
United Way Bengaluru also provides opportunities to corporate partners to come together to learn from others experiences.

There are several ways United Way Bengaluru can help corporates implement their CSR strategy:


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