United Way Bengaluru emphasizes on prompt disaster management and responds to calamities whenever and wherever it happens. Our responses during these situations include rescue, relief, and rehabilitation. And we were able to provide the same during the recent floods in Assam, Kerala, and Kodagu, Karnataka.


Assam’s Morigaon District was devastated by heavy flooding in 2017. We, in partnership with Wells Fargo, responded to this humanitarian crisis by:

  • Building houses for 73 families who were rendered homeless
  • Creating livelihood opportunities for 430 families
  • Supporting the local agriculture and weaving industries

We are continuing our efforts to strengthen the livelihoods of the people in Assam and provide long-term rehabilitation to Morigaon.


In 2018, the worst floods in nearly a century left almost a million people displaced and in need of immediate aid. To deliver faster relief in a shorter span of time, we approached the situation in a systematic and strategic manner. At first, we assessed the extent of damage across six districts and subsequently mapped out the critical needs in those areas.

With the support of community partners, we were able to:

  • Distribute more than 3500 survival kits to families
  • Feed more than 2500 people through community kitchens

We continue to support the people of Kerala by refurbishing homes, schools, and educational centers and providing livelihood opportunities to affected families.

Thanks to the contribution of our dedicated volunteers, we were able to offer assistance to more than 30 tribal settlements in Kodagu after the heavy flooding and landslides.


We constantly update this space during disasters with information on volunteer recruitment, monetary donation needs, immediate relief efforts and long-term recovery plans. Please visit this page regularly to stay in the loop.
If you are interested in volunteering for future relief efforts, please register here.