Going beyond donations and volunteering opportunities, we bring you a way to stay connected to the issues close to your heart. Advocacy.

  • Advocate for a cause or multiple causes related to children, education, environment, livelihood and health in your neighbourhood.
  • Mobilize (from your locality) a group of like minded people, who are concerned about such issues and have studied them to some extent.
  • Explore potential solutions and come up with plans to implement them.
  • Get in touch with us. We will connect you to a network of like minded people, working on similar issues. We will also reach out to corporate houses and get them to play an active role in resolving these issues.


    As I reflect back on my six years of association with United Way Bengaluru I feel privileged to have been provided an opportunity to create an impact through a credible platform called United Way.


Sabu Thomas
Found board member of United Way Bengaluru

Sabu Thomas firmly believes in the philosophy of United Way and has been a keen participant and volunteer in all the activities of the Bengaluru chapter. Till recently, he was the Chairperson of United Way Bengaluru, spearheading many developments in the organisation and helping it meet important milestones. Wake the Lake campaign was born out of his concern for the lack of a platform to discuss the dying lakes of the city. Awareness on the issue was limited. Communities living around the lakes lacked a clear way to engage with the government or to protect and preserve the water bodies. This is when the campaign towards restoration, preservation and securing of the city’s lakes, was conceptualized and implemented. Today, the campaign has grown. The Government Lakes Department is ever willing to work with United Way and states that the lakes under the campaign have witnessed greater community participation, are well kept, protected, and are home to enhanced bio diversity. Mr.Sabu Thomas continues to sit on the Board of United Way Bengaluru. He champions the cause of the organization striving for a better quality of life for individuals and the community at large.