Wells Fargo Employees Create Miyawaki Forests at Dodda Kudlu Lake

Miyawaki forests, named after the Japanese botanist and plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki, is a method of afforestation with natural vegetation being restored onto degraded land.

One can create these mini forests even in their backyards with many native species intermingling and co-existing in harmony.

As part of United Way Bengaluru’s Wake the Lake campaign, Corporate Volunteering project facilitated the volunteering of Wells Fargo employees on June 7th to clean up Dodda Kudlu Lake and create Miyawaki forest in the lake premise.

A much enthusiastic participant!

Kudlu Lake is located near Silvery county road at Parapana Agrahara. A thriving water body, Dodda Kudlu lake supports a diverse range of important endemic flora and fauna including a variety of birds, butterflies, insects and aquatic life.

Some of the shrubs that were planted on that day were Ekka, Vasaka, Lakki, Vishamadari, Night Queen and more. Meanwhile some of the tree species that were planted along with the shrubs were Arali, Basari, Goni, Kokum, Ranjal, Ankole, Mahagani etc.

Corporate Volunteers posing with their planted saplings

We had 107 volunteers who enthusiastically put in 321 hours and worked towards greening the lake premise. A 1000 square feet Miyawaki forest was created with 1000 saplings being planted and to top it off, 300 metres of land diligently de-weeded.

Full grown Miyawaki Forest

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