UWBe Hand-In-Hand with MILANA to Fight and Improve Lives of PLHIV

India’s NACP-IV has made the elimination of stigma and discrimination a major focus. In 2018, implementation on the HIV AIDS (prevention and control) Act began. The law criminalizes discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS, including within employment, healthcare, education, public facilities and public office, as well as protecting property and insurance rights. Despite this, people living with HIV continue to experience high levels of discrimination.

MILANA strives to provide family support network for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) located in Bangalore, India.  They also provide medical, nutrition and educational support for HIV infected children. They believe in helping PLHIV fight against the society’s stigma towards them.

United Way funds MILANA to carry on their crucial work for the well-being of the PLHIV community in every way possible.

Staying physically healthy is only one aspect of managing life with HIV. Maintaining one’s mental and emotional health is just as important. People who are newly diagnosed with HIV are at higher risk for some mental health conditions, such as depression. For depression or anxiety, talk to doctor or counselor.  Support groups can help making new friendships with other people who understand what it’s like to live with HIV.

MILANA, under its care and support program, they provide three main forms of support to the HIV patients. The first one is through home visit and care center visit where the outreach workers enquire about their well-being, create confidence among families, counsel those who are unwell and also educate the families on healthy nutritional practices while supporting few cases who require attention by visiting hospitals and care canters.

Outreach workers carrying out home visits

Their second form of support is through nutrition. MILANA in the form of monthly rations provided Supplementary Nutrition to 60 families infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. High Protein Mix, Soya and pulses were also given to all the members to improve on their nutritional status. Milk powder, Mega mass & Egg were given for suffering adolescent & youth.

And finally, we have counselling which is essential to the mental health of the PLHIV.

Effective and crucial, counselling is important to shield the PLHIV as family members, medical fraternity, employers and society in general take a harsh view of HIV positive status of a person.

Counselling session

Family counselling has helped in bringing family members and partners together. Many phone calls are received time to time from youth who do not have right information on sexual health. This being an age of experimentation and exposure, youth tend to get confused that causes them into getting involved with risky practices and reckless lifestyles. Guidance in utmost necessary in such cases.


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