The two – day children’s carnival MakkalaHabba – 2016 organized by United Way Bengaluru in association with the Department of Women and Child Development, (DWCD) Government of Karnatakaattracted nearly 15,000 adults and children who participated in a number of fun traditional games and activities on 13th and 14th November, 2017.

As part of the Government’s Children’s Day program, United Way Bengalurupresented traditional lifestyle, pastimes and sentiments for the people of Bengaluru in Cubbon Park by recreating an entire village.

Shrimati Umashree Minister for Women and Child department and Kannada and Culture and Shri NA Harris, MLA Shantinagar Constituency were the chief guests on the first day.Several parents along with their children played traditional games like Lagori, Buguri (top spinning) GilliDandu, Chatarabillu (catapult), Chowka bara, Chinni Mane, Cycle tyre race, Pagade, Skipping, KuntePille (hopscotch), AneKallu, Pachchi, Cup and ball, Kavadeaataand others.

Pottery making, basket weaving, brick making, ragi grinding, churning of buttermilk were other traditional activities displayed too.