Dos and Don’ts of story telling for children

To develop creative teaching in classrooms, motivate children and improve efficacy of their education, United Way Bengaluru organized a storytelling session with Smt. Geeta Dharmarajan, Padmashri awardee, Founder and President of Katha Foundation (NGO), Delhi at the scenic backdrop at Cubbon Park recently.

Smt. Geeta Dharmarajan gives a few tips on how to improve a story telling for children in the most scenic background in Cubbon Park

Thirty five teachers with the Born Learning Campaign attended a session on how to narrate stories to young Anganwadi children aged between 0-6 years. It was a fun-filled and interactive session where teachers were given tips like how to narrate stories with expressions, how to refrain from boxing concepts into right or wrong, the difference between learning and education and why it was imperative to avoid giving the ‘moral of the story’ to children, instead allowing the child to form his/her own opinion on the story.

BLC staff listen attentively to the story telling session

Said Smt. Geeta Dharmarajan, “I’m so glad to be associated with United Way Bengaluru. I am extremely impressed by the wide range of work they are undertaking. Regarding the session, I must say that the participants were extremely enthusiastic and I was glad to be given such a great opportunity to address them in this magnificent location. These young women work very hard for the holistic development of the anganwadi children and I would definitely be interested in coming back and holding more sessions for the BLC staff.”

David, General Manager, UWBe speaks a few words on the occasion


Bhavani, a BLC staff was pleased with the story telling session especially when the difference between learning and education was clarified, “I liked the way Geeta Madam explained the difference between education and learning. Education is mostly restricted to classroom while learning is a continuous process, be it at home, school or any other place.”

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