CSR guidance and customized giving strategies to help corporates maximize the impact from community investments.
6+ years in empowering the city’s communities; 60+ NGO partners in Bangalore under education, environment, livelihood and health verticals.
Compliant with the new Companies Act 2013 to partner with corporates and guide CSR activities.
Workforce engagement through community good.
  • Enhance early learning abilities, including fine and gross motor skills, among children.
  • Engage with mothers to spread awareness about health and hygiene among children.
  • Provide a conducive environment for children for early learning.

Do good. Go beyond your business goals. Participate actively in nurturing the city’s community. Through United Way Bengaluru’s vast philanthropy network, you can invest in a range of initiatives to improve education, livelihood and health for the city’s people.

Do more. You have the resources. We bring the expertise. We voice out community needs and match your resources to high impact initiatives, so your giving programs achieve the maximum possible good.

Do it easily. Long-term community initiatives or a one-time CSR budget allocation – we encourage both. With United Way as your CSR partner, you get all around support – from CSR strategy design to diligence, implementation and impact measurement – to achieve your community investment goals.

Increase your social ROI

Your CSR goals mandate investing in community education. You are looking to give10 computers to a local school. But would that be the best way of supporting the school’s requirements? What if you could provision for 9 computers along with a computer teacher’s salary to ensure the success of the new initiative?

As your CSR partner, we offer these vital insights, matching resources with pressing community needs to generate high social return on your community investment.

Why partner with us?
  • We are part of a global family spread across 47+ countries and territories. With a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning 127 years, we bring worldwide best practices in corporate partnerships, employee engagement and high-impact community projects.
  • We are your single point of access to NGOs and charities. An NGO qualifies to be part of our implementation network through a rigorous diligence process.
  • We simplify your CSR efforts, offering complete project design and management. We invest in well-managed programs with demonstrable results and also report to you about the project progress, following due processes to monitor, audit and assess its impact. Our global reach brings opportunities for your community contributions to be recognized and awarded at international forums.

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