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Overwhelming response for GE scholarship program

By Rajesh Krishnan
The selection process for the GE Scholarship Program at St. Joseph’s Convent School at Whitefield on 31st May, 2017 was an eye-opening experience for all of us. The plan for the day was to shortlist 200 candidates from about 250. That is the number we anticipated which would turn up.
Students wait patiently in line to attend the scholarship interview process
But to our surprise, we had an overwhelming 415 candidates turn up and we had to quickly think on our feet to turn around the arrangements. Girish and his team of four Volunteers from Student United Way quickly brought in tables and chairs to make sitting arrangements for students, bought in more drinking water bottles and made a new list of of new students who turned up for the interview.
The interview started bang on 8.30 after briefing and went upto to 5 pm. Not only that. From three tables for panelists, we had to increase it to six tables to hasten the interview process, with three new panelists brought in to help us out.
The writer (right) along with another panelist interview a candidate
We got an excellent support from a dedicated group of people from various walks of life who agreed to be our panelist.
1. Murali, Oracle Product Manager – White Field Rising member supporting the Solid Waste Management initiative. (We are involved in this through Qualcomm)
2. Anu Govind, Solid Waste Management Expert who lectures on this at various schools and corporates – White Field Rising member supporting the Solid Waste Management initiative (we are involved in this through Qualcomm)
3. Sanjeev Saxena —- Ex- Teach for India Fellow
4. Ambika Sen — Teacher of 30 years and Whitefield Ready Member and Volunteer for Lakes
5. Amit Sawarkar — CSR Head, UTC
6. Sr. Arogya — Head Mistress, St. Joseph’s Convent School
7. Sujatha Ganesh — Executive, Akshaya Patra
8. Manish — Ex- Wipro Executive and a teacher
9. Sree Rama — Educationist and Whitefield Rising Member
The interview process went smoothly throughout the day without any glitches despite the 100 per cent increase in the number of candidates
As if the surge of students who turned up for interview was not enough, we got to meet students from various backgrounds… truly overwhelming experience. Students who were orphaned, families who were abandoned, stories of trials and daily struggle… While mothers wept as their children narrated their stories, we sincerely hoped we could help each and every one present there. Most students who turned up had amazing attitude. Many were confident and determined to pursue their education despite the trying circumstances in their lives.
Must also share with you the power of Student United Way, the volunteers who did an excellent job of coordinating the whole show, managing the crowd and arranging for lunch and refreshments on timely basis.
Girish did an awesome job of managing the whole program and was there at the venue at 6.30 am to put up the charts and make arrangements in the hall. Prakash was also there quietly doing his bit and left for office by 8.45 am. Great support from the Principal of the Convent to arrange food for the panelists and volunteers. She also ensured we got our regular supplies of tea and coffee on time.
Brilliant show by David.
Next time we don’t hear Girish for some time, please note he may be working or planning for the next event!!!
Excellence Job. Great Team effort!!!
The final selection of 200 students for the scholarship program will be completed by 15th June, 2017 following which cheques will be handed over to the students to submit them to their respective colleges. Monthly meetings of the student will be organized in order to monitor the progress of the students. On a regular basis, we will also organize personality development and other soft skills programs to ensure holistic development of the students. We will also encourage them to join Student United Way in order to take up and address various community issues through awareness programs.
Pie chart depicting the status of the GE Scholarship Program