Mihir the Birdman Friends of United Way Bengaluru – Mihir the Birdman! Mihir is an IT professional, who lives close to Mahadevapura Lake with his small family – wife, parents and a child. It is obvious that he has his heart in the right place because aside of looking into a computer screen, he is also a keen bird-watcher and actively engages in greening and conservation activities. He explains his interest in bird-watching, “As I
Volunteers, Wake The Lake
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Save Bangalore
Renewed hope, stronger resolutions Yet another World Water Day is around the corner. The world will be awash with events, messages and calls to action for the cause of water. Rallies and festivities will mark the day and the media will showcase World Water Day with all the fanfare it deserves. As World Water Day 2018 passes, we might all go back to ‘water slumber’ and wake up for the next one. But let’s try
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United Way Bengaluru
It’s a normal day at UWBe… There’s the ever-present air of excitement, adrenaline levels are high, there’s lots to be done and a day has just so many hours… The team however is not fazed. They know they can do it! When the mandate is big, the responsibilities accompanying the mandate too are big. And so it is at UWBe, which has undertaken to solve complex issues in society, with the participation of all stakeholders
Team UWBe
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Lakes In Bangalore
The fifty-five-acre Kowdenahalli lake is an oasis of serenity for the onlookers and for the walkers alike. The refreshing awe of the lake water gives a fresh start for the day ahead. People come here to enjoy walking by the lake, running and doing yoga to keep the body and soul full of spirit. Nearly 1000 people visit the lake in the morning and around 500 in the evening. The lake has an aura to
Wake The Lake
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Volunteering in Bangalore
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi They could have spent the day shopping, eating out, or at the movies. They could have slept late, given it was a weekend. And yet, on a bright Saturday morning recently, a large group of young employees of a corporate based in Bengaluru chose to spend their day at a lake, beautifying the walls around it. They
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