Community group dedicated to Kaudenahalli Lake revival

Narayanappa President of KR Puram Kere Mathu Parisara Samrakshana Trust

With the immense support from United Way Bengaluru, the once obscure Kaudenahalli Lake has now become a household name in Bengaluru. People from far off places have started to visit the lake to witness its positive development. The enhancement of bio-diversity and the abundance of fish in the lake have brought back many species of birds which is an indicator that the work at Kaudenahalli Lake is headed in the right direction.

Ranjeet Menon – IT Professional and Freelance Photographer living near Kaudenahalli Lake

We can drive change in society only through like -minded groups or communities of people. These groups can guide people when wrong things are happening and can collectively bring back a positive change. We have to be part of the solution rather than get stuck in the problem and complain about it. It is for the communities to take up solving various issues in the society and an organization like United Way Bengaluru can drive the communities by showing them the way forward.

By Reena Pillai
It is a matter of great pride for all of us at United Way Bengaluru as we witnessed the transformation of community group KR Puram Kere Mathu Parisara Samrakshana Trust (KKMPST), which has come of its own. The community group which comprises of 10 core members and nearly 1000 active members have taken the meaning of community participation to another level.
The community group discussing the upcoming World Environment Day program at the Kaudenahalli Lake.
From involving themselves in every aspect in the rejuvenation of Kaudenahalli Lake  to collectively getting the MLA B.A Basavaraj, of KR Puram Vidhana Sabha constituency to further improve the lake facilities through the MLA funds and government allocation, they have proved their dedication and passion for the upkeep of the lake. In their recent interaction with the MLA, they sought support for construction of a children’s play area, platform for practicing yoga, cleaning of the Raja Kaluve, open gym, electricity connection, piped water connection to the toilets and increasing the drinking water facility from the present state.
A card made and circulated by the group members post the Kere Sankranti celebrations at the Kaudenahalli Lake
The Kaudenahalli Lake had been taken up for rejuvenation under UWBe’s flagship program ‘Wake the Lake’ and supported by corporate partner for the last three years. The once abandoned lake slowly witnessed a revival with the continuous efforts of BBMP and United Way Bengaluru. As part of the ‘Wake the Lake’ campaign, it is extremely important to mobilize and form a group who will continue to maintain the lake post our intervention. Hence for the past one year, UWBe’s team motivated the community to form a group who proved to be responsive, responsible and committed to the cause of lake conservation.
The core community group and UWBe members at the Sports Day celebrations
They involved themselves in organizing festivals at the lake such as Kere Deepotsava, (an eco-friendly celebration of Deepavali celebrations), Kere Sankrathi (Harvest festival), Sports Day and also several cleaning drives.
Recently, the community group also made provision for distributing clean drinking water to all walkers and joggers free of cost.
A cleaning drive organized by Kaudenahalli Lake community group
Mahesh HC, Sr Manager, United Way Bengaluru said, “KKMPST is an energetic and motivated group of people who lived in the neighborhood from their childhood and had seen the slow deterioration of the lake over the years in the name of development. They desired to save the lake but were unaware of how to go about it. After witnessing the restoration initiatives by the government and United Way Bengaluru they realized that this was the opportunity for them to contribute their bit to restore the lake to its former beauty.”
He added, “We are extremely glad that they have taken the initiative to continue with the lake rejuvenation process. We are confident that when we phase out from this lake in the near future, the developments brought in through ‘Wake the Lake’ campaign will be sustained by the community group.”
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