Going beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change that lifts up the entire community.

Our Ethos

United Way Bengaluru

Going beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change that lifts up the entire community.

Our mission

Advance common good through the three building blocks for good quality of life:

  • Education – help children and youth to achieve their full potential.
  • Livelihood – provide financial stability and independence for families and individuals.
  • Health – provide opportunities to improve people’s health.
  • 16 lakes impacted directly and indirectly.
  • Education and nutrition for over 18,000 children.
  • Skill training for 2,500+ unemployed young people.
  • 7,500 volunteers mobilized.
Matching CSR goals with community needs

See how we guide corporates investments to community programs that address real issues.

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United Way Bengaluru

"We facilitate change by bringing different stakeholders – such as the corporates, NGOs, community members, government, and institutions – on a single platform to address pressing issues in their own communities and to improve the quality of life around them, thereby, making the community stronger and better." – Manish Michael, Executive Director, United Way Bengaluru

We focus on education, livelihood, health and environment because they form the building blocks of a good quality of life. Our work includes:

  • Creating awareness on key issues that affect the community.
  • Building a platform for communities and the government to work together.
  • Providing financial and skill-based assistance.
  • Promoting social and policy change that strengthens people and their communities.

As part of our collaborative approach, we connect with subject matter experts to develop high-impact and sustainable solutions to local issues. This lets us go beyond temporary fixes and create lasting change that benefits the entire community.

Fast facts:

  • Established in 2008.
  • Distinguished Board with representation from iGate, Deloitte, Allstate, Pratham, etc.
  • Flagship campaigns – Wake the Lake and Born Learning.
  • Fulfils statutory requirements to be a CSR partner for corporates.
  • Registered under IT department, with 12A and 80G compliance.
  • Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs on FCRA – to receive foreign grants.
Nearly 1800 local United Ways

United Way is a volunteer driven not-for profit-organization that seeks to engage with and empower local communities. We have a worldwide network of local chapters, where each chapter addresses the key challenges facing a particular geographic community. We:

  • Analyze the root cause of the problems.
  • Mobilize communities to participate in the solution development.
  • Stay accountable for stewardship of resources.
  • Are committed to delivering long-term results.

Our global network provides the foundation for increased community impact. It comprises multidisciplinary capabilities, distributed at the global, regional, national and local levels, strengthened by centers of excellence.